About us

The National Association of Neighborhoods (NAN) is one of America's largest and oldest grass-roots multi-issue membership organizations. NAN's mission is to improve the quality of life in the nation's most important communities - its neighborhoods. To further its mission, the Association's more than 2,500 members join together to share and to expand their resources, their knowledge, and their work.

Individually and collectively, through NAN, these grass-roots organizations strive to improve economic, social, environmental, health, and safety conditions in their neighborhoods. NAN assists by identifying and addressing emerging issues, as well as, continuing to seek mutual solutions to persistent and difficult neighborhood problems.

The Association, in response to the concerns from its local leadership and its assessment of key public and private sector trends, works to inform and support neighborhood activists, through conferences, technical assistance, media campaigns, and national advocacy.

In all its efforts, NAN remains an organization of neighborhood coalitions, block clubs, community councils, and individuals, united by a love of neighborhoods and a strong determination to make them better.

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