Foreclosures Destroy Neighborhoods

Help stop a foreclosure on your home — Contact us immediately for to obtain free counseling services. Also, help is available for homeowners that want to modify their loan to payment that they can afford.

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HOPE NOW is an alliance between counselors, servicers, investors, and other mortgage market participants to prevent foreclosures through outreach to delinquent borrowers, counseling, and loan workouts based on the borrower’s ability to repay.

Reaching Homeowners in Need:

Direct Mail: Through a national outreach letter campaign, servicers are contacting at-risk borrowers, encouraging them to either call their lender or a credit counselor at the Homeowner’s HOPE Hotline, 888-995-HOPE.
Early Contact: All HOPE NOW lenders are committed to contacting their borrowers at least 120 days prior to the initial rate reset on an adjustable rate mortgage.
Ad Council Campaign: A national Ad Council campaign urges homeowners in trouble to call the 888-995-HOPE hotline because “nothing is worse than doing nothing.”
Homeownership Forums: HOPE NOW is conducting a multi-state tour of homeownership workshops were homeowners have the opportunity to talk to their lender and/or a HUD-certified housing counselor about their mortgage.

Counseling Homeowners in Need:

888-995-HOPE: Free counseling for homeowners is available at the Homeownership Preservation Foundation’s Homeowner’s HOPE Hotline, 888-995-HOPE. When a homeowner calls the Hotline, they are connected to one of 450 counselors from one of ten non-profit counseling agencies who are all HUD-approved who receives, assesses, counsels, refers, and connects the borrower to their servicer.

In-person counseling: NeighborWorks® America and other HUD-approved intermediaries provide face-to-face counseling to borrowers in need.
Assisting Homeowners in Need:

Since July 2007, over 1 million homeowners avoided foreclosure through the efforts of HOPE NOW members. Increase loan workouts: HOPE NOW lenders are increasing the number of modifications, repayment plans, and refinances every month.

Streamline: Current borrowers with subprime ARM loans may be eligible for streamlined modification or refinance as outlined by the American Securitization Forum.

Project Lifeline: HOPE NOW lenders are working to reach most at-risk borrowers (90-day plus delinquent), work with the borrower, and if appropriate, put a 30-day “pause” on foreclosures.
Improving communication between servicers and counselors:

In an effort to assist homeowners more efficiently and effectively, HOPE NOW counselors and lenders are working together to better improve their communication bridges through standard process models, data collection, and cross-industry technology.

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